To achieve true justice, we will stop celebrating the firsts and normalize the many

What we DO

We are a communications consulting firm with a focus on Black women and women of color to help them lean into their authentic voices. Our brand development, narrative building and storytelling for women of color leaders include:

Media training and talking point preparation

Speechwriting and public speaking coaching

Collaboration on written commentary
Strategic communications planning and goal setting
Help with building a strong communications team/staff for leaders
Crisis communications strategy


“Takirra is the collaborator and thought-partner I never knew I needed, but I’m SO glad she’s here because she’s always on time.”

Johnetta Elzie,
Ferguson protestor &
Campaign Zero co-founder
“Takirra has a rare ability to communicate with the kind of clarity, urgency, and authenticity that cuts through the noise and sheds light on some of the most important issues of our time.”
Sarah Hurwitz,
Author & Speechwriter
(Barack and Michelle Obama)

“Takirra communicates with passion, clarity, originality, authenticity and warmth. Whether she is solving complicated problems, introducing new ideas, or offering searing analysis, Takirra persuades allies and opponents. She is a rare blend of genius and generous, using her talents effectively to speak truth and build community.”

Melissa Harris-Perry,
Professor and Media Host